puce_AFA The Bureau of Association Française d’Arbitrage

The members of AFA Bureau elected by the Board are presently :

President :
Antoine Fourment
Vice President :
Laurence Kiffer
Vice President :
Mrs Laurence KIFFER
General Secretary :
Mrs Anzhela TOROSYANLinkedIn
Gilles de COURCEL
Treasurer :
Mr Gilles de COURCEL

The President chairs the Board and authorizes expenses.It is he who represents the association in all the civil acts and in justice.

The General Secretary assists the President and manages day to day matters.

He participates in the organization of the arbitrations.

It is with him that Parties or their counsels establish relations of communication.

The General Secretary is in charge of supplying in Parties or their counsels the documentation and the necessary information to introduce a proceedings and specially an urgent proceeding such as to answer questions relative to the organization of an arbitration, in particular its predictable cost and deadlines.

It is he who receives the request for arbitration, forwards it to the respondent.

He verifies the existence of the arbitration clause as well as the competence of the AFA.

It is he again who forwards the respondent’s answer to the Arbitration Committee and submits to the arbitral tribunal when it is appointed.

It is he who notifies the award to the Parties.