puce_AFA Who are we?

AFA : your arbitration and mediation service-provider

A non-profit making Association under the law of 1901, AFA is a mediation and arbitration institution. Its purpose is to promote, in France and abroad, mediation and arbitration for a better resolution of disputes by offering to individuals and enterprises clear, simple and efficient regulations enforced with strict ethics.

AFA ‘s values are: Independence, Confidentiality, Efficiency and Loyalty, which hold true at all levels of the Association and through each and every stage of the proceedings.

Its members, which aren’t all arbitrators or mediators, are driven by the belief that mediation and arbitration stimulates the rise of economic exchange in consideration of everyone’s interest.

Its Board of Directors, which is regularly renewed, comprises practitioners specialized in mediation and arbitration. It is constantly presided by an arbitration personality who is an attorney.

Its Secreatry is lead by a mediation and arbitration practitioner, coming from the enterprise world, working towards efficiency of its activities. Easy to reach, he is always very close to the users.

Its arbitration and mediation committees insure the efficiency of its Rules.

AFA is a member of Fédération des Centres d’Arbitrage, established on its initiative in 2012, and a signatory to Ethical Arbitration Charter.