puce_AFA The Arbitration Committee of Association Française d’Arbitrage

AFA Arbitration Committee who watches over the smooth conduct of the arbitration proceedings and supervises the application of the Rules comprises:

Arbitration AFA Committee Charles KAPLAN

Mr Charles KAPLAN, President

Arbitration AFA Committee Eliseo_Castineira


Arbitration AFA Committee Pierre_Duprey

Mr Pierre DUPREY

Arbitration AFA Committee Job_Alexandre

Mr Alexandre JOB

Arbitration AFA Committee Carol XUEREF

Mrs Carol XUEREF

The Arbitration Committee cannot, of its own initiative, appoint one of its own members or a member of the Board of Directors as arbitrator or chairman of an arbitral tribunal.

However, the members of the Arbitration Committee or a member of the Board can accept appointment as arbitrator by a party.

Members of the Arbitration Committee appointed in a matter as arbitrator or chairman of an arbitral tribunal on the proposal of one or more parties cannot participate in the work of the Arbitration Committee with respect to that case.