puce_AFA The Cas pratique de l’ AFA

Relying upon professionals and practioners of arbitration, AFA, whose one of the vocations is the promotion of the arbitration, offers training sessions concerning arbitration using three formulas :
After work de l’ AFA, Cas pratique de l’ AFA and Rendez-vous de l’ AFA


With the Cas pratique de l’ AFA, our Association brings to all actors of the business life a thorough training, consisting of interactive participation to the AFA international arbitration proceedings and drafting of essential documents.

Topics of the two days training are as follow :

  • From arbitration agreement to submission to the Arbitral Tribunal
  • From Term of Reference to Hearings
  • Hearings
  • From Award to enforcement

Our in-depth training is aimed at lawyers, experts, paralegals, businessmen, judges, teachers as well as other profiles : arbitrators, counsels or parties to arbitration.

AFA organizes a new session on in depht formation which will take place over 2 days, on November 13th and 14th, 2017 at Maison du Barreau in Paris.

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Note to lawyers

As arbitration has become a privileged tool to resolve disputes, especially in the international field lawyers have to master this activity to offer arbitration services to their clients. And given his academic background the lawyer is the most qualified professional to act as a counsel or an advisor.

Although knowing both arbitration case study and legal texts is important, the first step to start arbitration is to participate in a procedure. This is exactly what the AFA in-depth training provides thanks to its working group. This group is aimed at working on a case from its very beginning to the final stage, ie the sentencing.

Within a 3-4 member team and being successively a counsel, an arbitrator then a counsel again, each participant sets up each of the procedure/process and writes all documents pertaining to an arbitration procedure.

Such workshops make the lawyer familiar with all aspects of arbitration : the particularities of the arbitration procedures, the process of arbitrators’ nomination, the arbitration competence, the practice of legal submissions and the drafting of the award. The skills acquired within this/these simulated procedure/case studies/workshops, will enable the lawyer to intervene efficiently in all kinds of arbitration procedures.

The AFA institutional arbitration procedure has been elected for this formation as it is recognized for its efficiency, its professional environment and enables its participants to embrace all aspects of arbitration, from the various points of views : parties, counsels, arbitrators and institution.

This interactive training helps the lawyer fully play its part of the fulland provide the added value expertise expected by his clients.